Below is a brief summary of my professional and academic achievements.
A more complete version of my CV is contained in this PDF.

In 2012 I obtained my PhD at Geneva Observatory in Switzerland under the supervision of Didier Queloz with a thesis entitled Observing exoplanet populations with high-precision astrometry. From 2013 to 2015 I pursued my research at the European Space Astronomy Centre close to Madrid in Spain, where I got actively involved in the Gaia mission. Since July 2015, I am enjoying my postdoctoral position at the Space Telescope Science Institute and my new life in Baltimore, USA.


33 peer-reviewed papers (13 as lead author); 29 contributed papers (8 as lead author)
7 ESA technical reports (all as lead author); 7 ESO technical reports (5 as lead author)

Services and memberships

Referee for the journals A&A, PASP, ApJ, Experimental Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Science
Member of Gaia DPAC, SAG#12 of NASA ExoPAG, Swiss Society for Astrophysics and Astronomy
External member in one PhD thesis jury
Outreach activities in the form of public presentations of the Geneva Observatory

Conferences and talks

Participation in 28 international conferences presenting 15 talks and 11 posters
18 science seminars


45 nights of scientific observations with a 1.2 m telescope (Swiss telescope, La Silla, Chile)
91 nights of technical observations for VLT/VLTI commissioning
24 nights (service mode) on 8m-class telescopes as PI, competitively awarded (VLT, GTC)
Co-I on scientific programmes with HST/WFC3, Gemini-S/GMOS, VLT (NaCo, CRIRES, FORS2)

Brief history

2016  – present: Support Scientist at Space Telescope Science Institute
2015  – 2016: Research fellow in space science at ESA (STScI, USA)
2013 – 2015: Research fellow in space science at ESA (ESAC, Spain)
2012 – 2013: Postdoctoral fellow at Geneva University (Switzerland)
2012: PhD in Astronomy & Astrophysics from Geneva University (Switzerland)
2009 – 2012: PhD candidate at Geneva University (Switzerland)
2007 – 2009: Instrumentation PhD fellowship at ESO (Germany and Chile)
2007: Diploma in Physics from Freiburg University (Germany)
2005 – 2007: Undergraduate associate at ESO (Germany)